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  mother reading to childReaders are created on the laps of their parents.

Family Literacy Groups is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose goal is to help families with young children learning to read.

Our Reading Readiness Project is looking for sponsors to help with the ongoing expense of providing reading tools to kids whose families would not be able to afford the cost.

Through the power of the Internet, FLG distributes professionally-designed, digital and printed educational material to preschool- and school-age children at their homes, libraries, schools and organizations free of charge.

FLG purchases products from Montessori Home Inc. --which we consider one of the most excellent developers of early childhood learning products --for a straight fee, a royalty, or whatever the agreement is based on the specific product. FLG coordinates with sponsors, communication outlets, and the organizations benefiting from the donated products.

Investing in literacy is the best investment you, your company / foundation could ever make towards changing the world.

Because we are educators, we are well aware that the single most pervading attribute of poverty is illiteracy. When a child learns how to read, the world opens up. Children who read become adults who read. Adults who read likely succeed in breaking the bonds of poverty for themselves and for their progeny.

Our approach is not the same as many foundations which center their approach on reading to the child. Our interactive books, games, songs and other activites concentrate on the child as main participant. We also recommend books that allow the child to read along with the parent: Child friendly small-sized books, short in length, and containing first words in a phonics-based system.

Member families have the opportunity to share ideas and set up or take part in our projects, use the tools we offer, take advantage of our educators' advice and email us with particular problems. We encourage parents and teachers to share experiences, concerns and find help to insure they are doing the best possible job helping to teach their children at home.


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Seven Simple Steps to Developing a Healthy Reading Routine With Your Child  

Parents and teachers know how important early reading is to a child’s development.  In fact, a recent “Back-to-Preschool” national survey revealed that 78 percent of preschool parents surveyed believe reading is important for kindergarten readiness. Fortunately, there are many things parents can do at home to create a “literacy-rich” environment, help their child grow vocabulary, and establish a love of reading.  
  • Be a reading role model for your child by reading newspapers, magazines and books of your own.
  • Establish a routine time and place for reading. Try to set aside at least 20 minutes each day to read with your child.
  • Invite your child to select books to read and before you begin a new book, engage your child’s imagination by reading the book’s  title and asking your child what the story might be about .
  • Allow your child to hold the book, see the illustrations and turn the pages
  • Pause periodically to ask questions about the text to help your child develop comprehension
  • Read the same books over and over again. Children love repetition and they delight in being able to “read” along when a book becomes familiar to them
  • Make reading a relaxed, fun activity and eliminate distractions such as television, music, and phones



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